Kountry Wayne – Tickets – Laugh Boston – Boston, MA – August 17th, 2018 – Laugh Boston

Kountry Wayne – Tickets – Laugh Boston – Boston, MA – August 17th, 2018

Kountry Wayne

Kountry Wayne

Fri · August 17, 2018

10:15 pm


To purchase more than 10 tickets, and/or to secure group seating for parties of 6 or more please contact the box office at (617) 72-LAUGH (2844) or via email at boxoffice@laughboston.com.

Kountry Wayne
Kountry Wayne
Wayne Colley, better known as “Kountry Wayne,” is not your average standup comedian. If you
asked him to describe himself, he would say he is just a reserved vegan and father of eight who
wants what’s best for his kids. Hailing from Millen, Georgia, Wayne grew up with aspirations of
becoming a super-star rapper, however those ambitions quickly changed when he posted a video to
Facebook and became a viral sensation overnight.
Wayne attacked his new found fame head on and grew his audience to over 4 Million followers
across Facebook & Instagram by delivering amazing content on a daily basis. Never willing to say
no to a fan, Wayne heeded their calls when asked to perform standup comedy. He initially started
performing in small clubs in Atlanta and by 2016 had embarked on a 45 city sold out tour (2016 Child
Support Tour). Since then Wayne has consistently performed year-round, regularly selling out clubs
& theaters across the country to a diverse, wide-reaching audience with his unique brand of high
energy, faith based, and clean content.
Wayne still resides in South Georgia where he runs two successful business in addition to his
presence online and on the road.
With his humble roots and unbridled energy it’s clear Wayne will be making people laugh for years to
Venue Information:
Laugh Boston
425 Summer St
Boston, MA, 02210