The Nasty Show @ 12:15am – Tickets – Laugh Boston – Boston, MA – February 18th, 2017

The Nasty Show @ 12:15am

The Nasty Show @ 12:15am

Sat · February 18, 2017

11:59 pm


The Nasty Show @ 12:15am
The Nasty Show @ 12:15am
*Please note this show will begin at 12:15am*

This show is NASTY. (Sometimes it may even be considered super nasty.) Hence, it's fairly self-explanatory title. You down?

During The Nasty Show, Boston's top stand-up comedians hit the stage—later than most sane people's bedtimes—to deliver their raunchiest of sets. The Nasty Show is not for the mild-mannered nor the faint of heart. But, uh, this is Boston... So we know that there are very few of you out there who blush easily.

It's been a long week, okay? Let's pour some wine and #getnasty.

Hosted by Brian Glowacki

Derek Furtado
Brian Higginbottom
Paul Landwehr
Venue Information:
Laugh Boston
425 Summer St
Boston, MA, 02210